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Alex P. Klinkhamer

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1. Protocon - Add convergence to shared memory protocols

Project Page

2. Doctoral Research

cardgame-talk.pdf - Self-Stabilizing card game slides.
fsen13-talk.pdf - FSEN'13 slides. On the Complexity of Adding Convergence. Used for Research Qualifying Evaluation.
sss13-tr.pdf - SSS'13 technical report. Verifying Livelock Freedom on Parameterized Rings.
sss13-talk.pdf - SSS'13 slides.
sss14-tr.pdf - SSS'14 technical report. Synthesizing Self-Stabilization through Superposition and Backtracking.
sss14-talk.pdf - SSS'14 slides.
lopstr14-talk.pdf - LOPSTR'14 slides (Amer/Ali paper). A Hybrid Method for the Verification of Parameterized Self-Stabilizing Protocols.
limpract.pdf - 2016 Dissertation. On the Limits and Practice of Automatically Designing Self-Stabilization.

3. Useful Guides

Git Guide
Installing Spin