Costa Rica


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Chemical evolution of thermal springs at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica: Effect of volcanic activity, precipitation, seismic activity, and Earth tides

D.L. López, J. Bundschuh, G.J. Soto, J.F. Fernández, G.E. Alvarado


The magma budget of Volcán Arenal, Costa Rica from 1980 to 2004

G. Wadge, D. Oramas Dorta, P.D. Cole


Eruptive history of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica, 7 ka to present

Gerardo J. Soto, Guillermo E. Alvarado


Geochemical stratigraphy and magmatic evolution at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Louise L. Bolge, Michael J. Carr, Mark D. Feigenson, Guillermo E. Alvarado


Landscape evolution within a retreating volcanic arc, Costa Rica, Central America

Jeffrey S. Marshall, Bruce D. Idleman, Thomas W. Gardner, Donald M. Fisher