CS4321 - Introduction to Algorithms, Fall 2012

Instructor Information

Chaoli Wang, PhD, Assistant Professor
Office Location: 308 Rekhi Hall
Telephone: (906) 487-1643
Email: chaoliw AT mtu DOT edu
Office Hours: MW 10:30 - 12:00, or by appointment

Course Identification

Location: 328 Fisher Hall
Times: MWF 12:05 - 12:55
Prerequisites: CS1721 - Object Oriented Design; CS2311 - Discrete Structures; CS2321 - Data Structures
Textbook: Introduction to the Design & Analysis of Algorithms, 3nd Edition, by Anany Levitin, ©2012 Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-13-231681-1
Weblink: Access the course material at the Canvas

Course Description

Fundamental topics in algorithm design, analysis, and implementation. Analysis fundamentals include asymptotic notation, analysis of control structures, solving recurrences, and amortized analysis. Design and implementation topics include sorting, searching, and graph algorithms. Design paradigms include greedy algorithms, divide-and-conquer algorithms, and dynamic programming.

Course Learning Objectives

The objectives of this course are the following:
1. Building a solid understanding of the fundamental of algorithms;
2. Developing an analytic way of thinking - how to approach problems;
3. Preparing for future study and research in computer science.