Matlab is a modern programming language from The Mathworks Inc with excellent graphics capability and an enormous number of built-in mathematic and scientific subroutines. Click here for The MathWorks homepage.

Seismic Unix is a set of coordinated  programs from Colorado School of Mines Center for Wave Propagation. The programs run on Unix or Linux
operrating systems. I use Seismic Unix to display and analyze both  shallow seismic ground penetrating radar data. Click here for Seismic Unix homepage.

Near Surface Geophysics is geophysics applied to the shallow depths, typically depths less than 100 meters or 300 ft.  There is lots of information on the web about this subject.  Professional orgainzations include the   Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Society and the  Near-Surface Geophysics Section of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists .

Other  near surface geophysical interpretations.

This page was created by Dr. Charles T. Young, Associate Professor of Geophysical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. You can contact him at  Details of the Matlab programs or data can be provided upon request.

The examples here are from research and from course  work with students.

Matlab image of resistivity cross section crossing San Andreas Fault, California.

Matlab image of specialized resistivity surveys can  monitor groundwater tracer tests without drilling monitor wells

Matlab images of a tracer test monitored by specialized electrical resistivity measurements.

Matlab image of a magnetic survey to reveal remains of a workshop interior at a 19th century army outpost.

Seismic Unix  images of ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys  locating  a buried stream channel,  an ancient lake bottom, and buried sand dunes.

Seismic Unix image of ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey across a small lake.

Seismic Unix image of ground penetration radar survey across a buried river channel.