Contact Information:

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Principal Investigator:

Dennis Desheng Meng
Assistant Professor
ME-EM Department
Michigan Technological University
815 R. L. Smith Building
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931

Email: dmeng At mtu DOT edu

Welcome to MuSES Lab

Our society constantly faces energy and environmental challenges. MuSES lab is dedicated to addressing those challenges through interdisciplinary research and world-class educational programs, which would prepare future leaders who can create new technologies and make technically and ethically sound decisions. We believe that the development of micro and nano technologies during the past decades has provided us a solid ground to pursue our goals. We focus our research efforts on the investigation of micro/nano-scale phenomena that have the potential to provide scalable technologies for our macro world. We are passionate about using our expertise on micro and nano fabrication, electrochemistry, microfluidics, and advanced energy systems to contribute to the sustainable future of our society.   

Scalable High-Power Redox Capacitors with Aligned Nanoforests by hvEPD

Research Highlights:

MuSES lab paper to appear on ACS Nano: record-high power density for MnO2-based redox supercapacitors, which even beats that of EDL supercapacitors; Research Paper

News Release: BBC news; Science Daily; Materials Views; National Nanomanufacturing Network;; and Michigan Tech News.


April 2013: MuSESians received student fellowships

March 2013: MuSES lab received a new NSF grant on portable hydrogen generators