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Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Board Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2000

Present: Wil Slough, Lynn Bjorkman, Dana Richter, Terry Reynolds, June Hawthorn, Erin Minne, Karen Hubbard, Dee Vincent, Kim Hoagland

Absent: Rebecca Fitzgerald, Peck Cho, Faith Morrison, Phyllis Johnson, George Love

Visitors: Udaya Kalluri

Meeting was brought to order by President Kim Hoagland at 4:04 p.m.

The minutes from March 2 were approved.

The Secretary, Wil Slough, reported that Rebecca Fitzgerald had nicely formatted March’s FVPL newsletter and that 270 copies had been mailed out to the current membership.  Other board members suggested that on future newsletters the editors and formatters be listed with a credit.

The Board also decided to add to its official membership role anyone who contributes to any of the MTU accounts that are designated for the Van Pelt Library.  This will increase the newsletter mailing to approximately 500 pieces for the fall edition.

Also suggested was to keep a running list of projects completed to date by the FVPL in the newsletter.

Terry Reynolds delivered the treasurer’s report, which is summarized below:

Status of accounts as of 03/01/2000

 Michigan Tech Fund Account     $6,616

 Michigan Tech Friends Account    $3,331
Total        $9,946

Status of accounts as of 04/06/2000

 Michigan Tech Fund Account     $6,706

 Michigan Tech Friends Account     $768
Total        $7,474

Reynolds again noted a precipitous drop in funds, with the treasury plummeting to an all time low since the beginning of the current Treasurer’s appointment. In addition, the Friends still have an obligation of $1000 for archive grants.

As of April 4, total book cart sales had reached approximately $300.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Dee Vincent gave a synopsis of the book sale.  This year we received over 5000 books for sale, compared to 3000 for each of the last two years.  Gross sales were $1458, which is a little more than $100 over last year’s total.  Membership renewals brought in another $430 for a total revenue of $1888 for the sale.

Wil Slough agreed to send an individual email to each of the volunteers who helped with the sale, thanking them for their effort, as well as a written thank you to SIS and Tau Beta Pi student organizations for their roles as well.

The length of the “Friends only” presale was discussed.  The Board was of the opinion that for next year’s sale, the time should be shortened by one hour, perhaps offering a 5-7 PM period instead of the traditional 5-8 PM allotment.  Sales slow down considerably after the first hour and a half, making the longer period less efficient.

Doubling the prices on most of the books was again discussed, with a general consensus that doing so would not hamper sales.

Magazines, as usual, did not sell well.  The Board decided to discourage magazine contributions for future sales.  Cookbooks, however, sold very well.

Other fundraising ideas were bandied about again.  They were,

1. Making an out of print book available, perhaps something of local
interest, such as a history selection.

2. Selling bookshelves at the book sale.

3. A vending machine for the library, dispensing office supplies, or   perhaps, even refreshments.

4. A second cart offering office supplies for sale in the library in addition to the book cart currently present.
The Archival Speaker series continues May 11 with Allan Johnson in the Library archives at 4 PM.  Volunteers for baking goodies for the occasion will be solicited at the next FVPL Board meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Submitted by Wil Slough, April 30th, 2000

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