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Board Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Minutes of the Board Meeting
Friends of the Van Pelt Library
Thursday, December 1, 2005

Present:  Dee Vincent, Amy Hughes, Dick Rupley, Brian Geiger, Mary Marchaterre, June Hawthorne, Patrick Quimby, Karen Hubbard, George Love, Terry Reynolds

Absent: Faith Morrison, Dana Richter, Gail Mroz, Don Durfee, Bette Mongold, Phyllis Johnson

Dee Vincent called the meeting to order at 4:08 pm.  

The minutes of the November 3, 2005 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Terry Reynolds handed out the Treasurer’s report which showed that the FVPL had $14,363.00 as of December 1, 2005, which is unchanged from the November 1, 2005 balance.  The Treasurer’s report was approved.

A.  Laptops

Dee Vincent told us that the laptops provided to the library by the FVPL have been circulated 87 times since they were introduced.  Brian Geiger brought a checked-out laptop to the meeting.  Brian told us what he thought of using the laptops in the library.

B.    Book Drop for Donations

Dee Vincent told us that there is now a sign on the loading dock door for book donation drop offs.  We noted that if someone were to come in that door with book donations, that there is no information inside to tell them what to do with their books.  We discussed the book drop box in the library vestibule.  We support having library staff periodically check and retrieve the books from this book drop if they are still willing to do it.

C.    Web Page Book Donation Statement Review

Dee Vincent shared with us the verbiage included on the library web page news section to tell people how to donate books to the FVPL.  We read the statement and agreed that it sounded good.

The statement is:
[11/16/05]How to donate books for the Friends of the Van Pelt Library Book Sale.
If you have only a few book sale donations, you may drop them off in the box located in the Library vestibule. If you have a box or bag of books, you may unload them at the Library loading dock. Call Carol at 487-2500 to have someone meet you at the back door to help. If you need help getting your book sale donation books to the Library and would like someone to come to your house to pick them up, call Dana Richter at 487-2149 or e-mail dlrichte@mtu.edu.
D.    Book Cart

The new library book carts are in!  They look great, and we get to use one for the FVPL book sale cart in the library.  By the next FVPL meeting, Terry Reynolds will have a cash box attached to our new cart.

E.     Econo Slips

Mary Marchaterre emailed us the latest update on the collection of Econo receipts prior to this meeting. Keep sending in the receipts, we’re doing well with them!

F.    Other Business

Now that we have lots of book donations stacked up in our storage area, we need to schedule a work bee to sort, price, and box books.  We will schedule a work bee at our January meeting.

G.    Book Storage

Karen Hubbard prepared a plan for organizing donated books on the new shelving in the storage area.  We reviewed the plan and made a few suggestions for additions to the categories.

The meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm.  We then went to the storage area and sorted books unto the shelving by category until 5:00 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, January 12, 2006, 4-5:00 pm, in the Library.  

Submitted by Amy Hughes, December 2, 2005.

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