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Board Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Thursday, December 7, 2006

 Present:  Amy Hughes, Terry Reynolds, Dick Rupley, Phyllis Johnson, Faith Morrison, Brian Geiger, Eloise Haller, George Love, Don Durfee, Dana Richter, Patricia Van Pelt, Stephen Riutta

 Absent:  Gail Mroz, Mark Griep, Mary Marchaterre, Karen Hubbard, Dee Vincent, Patrick Quimby

 Don Durfee called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. 

 The minutes of the November 2, 2006 meeting were reviewed and approved.

 Terry Reynolds handed out the Treasurer’s report which showed that the FVPL had $16,814.07 as of December 5, 2006.  The Treasurer’s report was approved.

 The audit committee has not met yet to perform the audit of the FVPL financial records.

 A.  Art Committee Report

 Patricia Van Pelt and Phyllis Johnson reported on the art committee’s progress.  The latest acquisition was a painting of a birch tree titled “Mother Tree” by artist Joyce Koskenmaki.  Patricia Van Pelt told us that she will be working on a booklet of information about art in the library.  Dick Rupley showed us some prints of some old local area prints which have been colorized.

 B.  Blanket Order Update

 Terry Reynolds reported that he has been in contact with Ruby Machi at the Simply Home Company and that the company has not been able to complete our project yet.

 C.  Book cart update

 Terry Reynolds reported that Nov. 2006 has been the best month ever for book cart sales.  Terry Reynolds gave kudos to Patricia Van Pelt and Karen Hubbard for their excellent stocking of the book cart.

 D.  2007 Annual Book Sale

 Eloise Haller confirmed with MUB personnel that the annual book sale is from noon on April 10-April 11, in MUB Ballroom A.  Amy Hughes said that when the room was reserved, only Ballroom B was available, not Ballroom A.  Eloise Haller will contact the MUB to verify which MUB Ballroom we are scheduled for.

 Faith Morrison will email Tech Today with another book donation solicitation and will contact individuals directly who she knows will be retiring or moving soon and ask them if they have any books they would like to donate.  We discussed posting our book donation solicitation every month in Tech Today.

 Faith Morrison will be the chair of Publicity for the book sale. Eloise Haller will be the chair of the Personnel committee for the book sale.

 Dana Richter requested that the Book Sale spreadsheet that Eloise Haller is maintaining be sent to FVPL members just before the book sale.     

 E.   2007 Friends' Winter Carnival Hot Chocolate & Cookie event          

We agreed to host another FVPL Winter Carnival event on Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 11 am in the library lobby.  We opened at 10 am last time, and we had very little traffic between 10 am and 11 am, so we decided to open at 11 am in 2007.

 We will have free hot chocolate and cookies; and sell blankets, note cards, and used books.  Don Durfee said that we will need a larger selection of used books because many people were interested in more books the last time we did this.  We will have a signup sheet at the January meeting for this event.

    F.   Next work bee?

 We will discuss when to have the next work bee at the January, 2007 meeting.

 G.  Library requests

 The board approved the MTU Archives request for $400 from the FVPL to purchase photo frames and hardware for Archives photo exhibits. 

 The board approved the request to purchase a library patron laptop replacement with a new Dell laptop for about $900.  One of the laptops that the FVPL purchased for the Library patron laptop program is no longer functioning reliably, and repairing it would be expensive.

 H.  Other Business

       At the January, 2007 meeting we will discuss the formation of a committee to work on the FVPL blanket.

       Terry Reynolds reminded us that we need to move empty boxes from Faith Morrison’s office to the FVPL office.

 The meeting adjourned at 5:07 pm. 

The next regular meeting will be held on Thursday, January 18, 2007, 4-5:00 pm, in the library. 

 Submitted by Amy Hughes, December 8, 2006.

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