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Board Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Thursday, January 15, 2004

 Present: Dee Vincent, Phyllis Johnson, Don Durfee, George Love, Mary Marchaterre, Karen Hubbard, Terry Reynolds, Patrick Quimby, Faith Morrison, Bette Mongold, Dick Rupley, June Hawthorne

 Absent: Gail Mroz, Dana Richter, Marianne Brokaw, Amy Hughes

 The minutes of the December 4, 2003 meeting were approved.

 Terry Reynolds distributed the treasurer’s report. Assets of the Friends total $10,802.70.

 Karen Hubbard proposed that the February 5 board meeting be converted to a work bee. This was approved. Patrick Quimby will organize a Tau Beta Pi work be from 3-4:30pm during 6th week (Feb 16-20) at the convenience of the organization. Patrick will email fvpl-l@mtu.edu on the details of the TBP work bee.

 Mary Marchaterre will report on the Econo slip campaign at the next meeting.

 The audit committee has not completed their audit; we will hear from them at the next meeting.

 Don Durfee reported on the Winter Carnival Hot Chocolate and Cookie Event. It will take place Saturday of Winter Carnival from 10am-3pm in the library. There will be 2 tables, 2 book carts, hot chocolate, cookies, donation can. Phyllis Johnson will come early to open the Library; Library staff members have volunteered to help and bring coffee pots. A sign-up sheet was circulated for workers and cookies/food. Everyone was asked to take a flyer to post around their work areas. Don will handle publicity emails to: eds@mt.udu, ttopics@mtu.edu; a copy of his email will go to Phyllis to send to alldepts-l@mtu.edu.

 Phyllis Johnson reported on the dates for the book sale. The dates we wanted were not available. Only Ballroom B is available for any date. The available dates are March 9-10, March 31-April 1, and April 7-8. We agreed on April 7-8. The room will be available from noon on the 7th to 6pm on the 8th. The sale will end at 4pm. TBP volunteers are needed heavily between noon and 3pm on the 7th (Terry has class and can only assist minimally during set-up). TBP volunteers are needed heavily for cleanup at 4pm on the 8th. Patrick will discuss with TBP and arrange volunteers. Someone will need to contact Kristine Bradoff about recycling books at the end. Good books will be stored in Faith Morrison’s lab after the sale. Faith will compose a message asking for book donations for Phyllis to send to alldepts-l.

 Phyllis gave a construction update. Construction has brought dust, dirt, noise and smells. Sometimes no heat. But the staff persevere. The addition will be completed in late June. Early July everything and everybody moves into the addition for the renovation of the current library space. Completion is spring 2005.

 The newsletter must go out before the book sale. Faith brought up trying to use bulk mailing rates. The board encouraged her to do that. All members are asked to submit newsletter articles by 16 February. Dee will request a list of Friends for the week of the 23 February. Don Durfee noted that bulk mail can take up to a month to deliver.

 The meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.

 The next meeting will be held on February 5, 2004, 4-5:00 pm as a work bee in the third floor of the library. The next working board meeting is March 11 (to avoid Winter Carnival) and the location will be announced but will likely be 510 Admin. Submitted by Faith Morrison for Amy Hughes, January 15, 2004. 

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