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Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Board Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2000

Meeting called to order at 4:07pm.

PRESENT:  Lynn Borjkman; George Love; June Hawthorne; Terry Reynolds; Dee
Vincent; Karen Hubbard; Kim Hoagland, Peck Cho; Phyllis Johnson  (recording)

1.  Minutes from last meeting approved.

2.  Secretary's report given by Kim.  Approved.

3.  Treasurer's report approved.

4.  Dee reported on the book sale.  Doubling prices on the books helped
increase revenue.  Magazines did not sell well and should not be collected
for sale next year.  Terry reported on a memo received from Ellen Seidel
detailing the amount of library time required to box and price books.  It
was over 160 hours which equals more than the amount of money made at the
sale.  Terry proposed that the Friends take over more of the pricing/boxing
operation.  Peck Cho presented an idea that the Alpha Society, an honors
engineering organization might take on the book sale as a project.  Each
student would be assigned to a specific department to pick up donated books
and to help price and box them.  he will propose this to the Society in
early September.

If possible, more student volunteers should be scheduled for break down.

Accolades to Dee for the great organization.

5.  Phyllis reported on library renovations.  Basically done but the
computers for the Reference Desk have not yet been received so there is
still some loose cabeling.  Valerie Pegg will take the display panels when
she moves to the PAC in August.  The Gallery area will then be ready for

6.  Fundraising;

a.  Stationary cart - Terry posed the question "Would a stationary cart
work (would folks pay for the supplies; would they want them, etc.)"  Dee
would like to try it.  Terry has agreed to do the work of creating the
cart, buying the supplies, keeping it stocked, and taking care of the money
(his favorite part!).  Terry asked Phyllis to find out from the library
staff whether they think it's a good idea.  Project tabled until Fall.

b.  Posters - Erik will select some appropriate drawings from which a
selection will be made by the Friends.

c.  Econo slips - get the slips to George by May 15!

7.  Archives speaker cancelled.  Will be rescheduled after summer.

This is the last meeting until Sept. 7.  The Friends will stay in touch by
e-mail.  Kim will be on sabbatical next year.  Dee will chair the first
meeting at which officer elections are held.  See you in Sept.!

Submitted by:
Phyllis H. Johnson
University Librarian and Director
J. Robert Van Pelt Library
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931
Voice: (906) 487-2500
Fax: (906) 487-1765

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