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Board Meeting
Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Thursday, May 5, 2005


Present:  Phyllis Johnson, Patrick Quimby, Amy Hughes, Terry Reynolds, Bette Mongold, Mary Marchaterre

Absent: Dick Rupley, Dee Vincent, Don Durfee, Karen Hubbard, Dana Richter, Gail Mroz, Faith Morrison, June Hawthorne

Terry Reynolds called the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.

The minutes of the April 7, 2005 meeting were reviewed.

Terry Reynolds handed out the Treasurer’s report which showed that the FVPL had $18,870.02 as of April 28, 2005. 

A.  Econo Receipts

 Mary Marchaterre gave us an update on Econo Foods receipts collections for the Friends.  We are up to $41,000 now, which is more than at the same time last year.

B.  New Friends Book Cart

We discussed the acquisition of a new book cart for the Friends used book sales in the Library.

C.  2006 Archives Travel Grants

Erik Nordberg requested via email that $1,200 from the Friends be given as two $600 grants during the 2006 calendar year. This program provides travel awards to out-of-town scholars to support their research visits to the archival collections in the library. Mary Marchaterre made a motion that the FVPL give $1,200 in support of the 2006 Archives Travel Grants.  Bette Mongold seconded the motion.  The motion passed, based on the votes of the five voting board members in attendance and the two approvals via email from Dee Vincent and Gail Mroz.

D.  Laptops for the Library

Phyllis Johnson provided us with updated information about the cost of laptops for use in the library with the wireless service.  MTU Information Technology is working on guest account access and hope to have it available by this fall. Bette Mongold made a motion to purchase 6 laptops for the Library at a cost not to exceed $1,100 each.  The motion was seconded by Patrick Quimby.  We did not have a quorum present to take a vote on this proposal.  We authorized Mary Marchaterre to post this proposal on the fvpl-l@mtu.edu email list for responses from the FVPL board.  Mary will inform us and Phyllis Johnson of the outcome of the vote.

E.   Items for the September, 2005 Meeting Agenda

Purchase of a platform truck (flat bed cart).  Terry Reynolds will gather information and prices on platform trucks.

The meeting adjourned at 4:33 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, September 1, 2005, 4-5:00 pm, in the library. 

Submitted by Amy Hughes, May 6, 2005

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