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Board Meeting
Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Present:  Dee Vincent, Mary Marchaterre, Terry Reynolds, Phyllis Johnson, Brian Geiger, Eloise Haller, Don Durfee, Patricia Van Pelt, Dana Richter, Gail Mroz, George Love, Dick Rupley

 Absent:  Faith Morrison, Amy Hughes, Mark Griep, Karen Hubbard, Stephen Riutta

 President Dee Vincent called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

 Treasurer Terry Reynolds had to leave early so he presented the Treasurer’s report first. The FVPL had $19,184.67 as of 5/1/07. The book sale brought in a total of $3,182.19 (renewals and sales), which is a record amount. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

 The minutes of the April 5, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved.

 A. Review of Book Sale

Most profitable sale ever. Thanks especially to Eloise who coordinated the sale and put so much time in on it (long applause). Thanks to all who helped. Dee will send out thank yous to groups that helped.

General discussion on improvements to be made for the sale next year. Parking a problem. Eloise will rearrange shelves. Possible dates in April for next year; Friday worked well; Eloise will check availability with MUB.

 Letter and pictures of 1st book sale in Dec. 1990 from Jan Dalquist were passed around.

 B. Book Cart

Patricia will restock and tend to the cart until the middle of July.

 C. Afghan Committee (Don, Dee, Faith)

Possibly another design with broader appeal, MTU colors, etc. Under consideration.

 D. Econoslips

Mary continues to collect slips up to about June 4; Econo pays 1% to friends of total.

 E. Card Consignment

Patricia will check with the Quincy Mine and Eloise will check with Copper World.

 F. Art Committee (Patricia, Phyllis, Karen, Dick, Dana)

$3,000 has been allocated previously for new art for the library; committee needs to review art work; Patricia suggested possible commission of artwork for the library.

 G. Library Projects/Requests

List of 8 requests passed out by Mary. Discussion of which projects FVPL should fund. Before he left, Terry withdrew his requests for microfilm of the Iron River Reporter and the Mining Journal ($37,520). The other people’s requests were dealt with separately.

 Jennifer Slack – Persephone Series, $700. Motion to approve Mary, second Phyllis. Passed.

 Dana Richter – Color Atlas of Ectomycorrhizae, $424. Motion to approve Gail, second Patricia. Passed.

 Four requests by Collections Manager Ellen Seidel were all considered worthwhile for the library to acquire; total was approx. $6,600. It was moved by Dick for Friends to allocate $4,000 for Ellen to spend at her discretion to acquire as many of these books as possible. Second Gail. Passed.

 It was suggested that these acquisitions be recognized, perhaps with a presentation at an event or press release, etc., to acknowledge the donation by the Friends.

 Announcement: Thursday May 17, 4:00 PM. Archives Event. Opening of the first of the historic photograph displays, using the frames purchased with FVPL funding. Also a short presentation on "Keweenaw Digital Archives" initiative and the ethnicity web project.

 Thanks to Phyllis for providing snacks and beverages for this last meeting of the school year.

 Meeting adjourned 5:00 PM.

 Next meeting Thursday, September 6, 2007, 4-5:00 PM, in the library.

 Submitted by Dana Richter for Secretary Amy Hughes, May 4, 2007.

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