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Board Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Thursday, October 4, 2007

 Present:  Dee Vincent, Terry Reynolds, Don Durfee, Patricia Van Pelt, Karen Hubbard, Brian Geiger, Eloise Haller, Mary Marchaterre, Dick Rupley, George Love, Faith Morrison, Dana Richter

 Absent:  Mark Griep, Gail Mroz, Phyllis Johnson, Amy Hughes

 Guests: Ruth and Bob Nara

 President Dee Vincent called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. 

 The minutes of the Sept 13, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved.

 Treasurer Terry Reynolds handed out the report; the FVPL had $14,938.51 as of Oct 3, 2007.

Book Cart Sales to date: approx. $200. Outstanding book purchases: approx $1500. The Treasurer’s report was approved.

 A.  2008 Book Sale April 3rd and 4th. Eloise passed out a list of categories of books and the alphabetical arrangement on the shelves.

 B.  Book Sale -- Make a Difference Day.  Phyllis arranged for up to 10 Alpha Delta Alpha students to sort and price books on Sat Oct 20, 10 am to 2 pm(?). Dana, Patricia, Phyllis, Karen volunteered to be there to work with the students. Others welcome. Pizza and pop will be provided by the Friends. Motion by Mary to spend up to $50. Dana second. Passed.

 C.  Book Cart.  Karen keeping it stocked; says to put priced books directly on the cart when donating them to the Friends.

 D.  Econo Slips – Mary collecting slips, says not much activity; picks up slips in parking lot.

 E.   Afghan Committee – Don, no report on new ones; have 47 left. Suggestion to have one up in the library; also put info on electronic display system in the library and University; Faith will follow up.

 F.   Art Committee – Patricia says all purchased works are up in the library; will have an Artist’s Reception on Oct 18, 4:00-6 pm; most artists attending. Patricia has compiled an extensive JRVP Art Collection Notebook with information on the works of art and the artists. Discussion involved having a place in the library, perhaps on a separate stand, where this could be on display and for people to use. Inquiry will be made.

G.  Nomination Committee Report – Faith and Dana reported no nominations yet; discussion about it being best to have somebody currently at the University be President.

H.  Travel Grant  - Dee said Eric Nordberg sent a thank you note on behalf of the Archives for $1,500 for the travel grants.

I.    Annual FVPL Meeting    The annual FVPL meeting will be held from 4:00 – 5:30 pm on Thursday, November 1, 2008 in the Library Archives. Bill Haller will speak about explosives. Members arranged food and refreshments.

J.   Newsletter – Faith will send out before the annual meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 pm.

The next meeting will be the Annual Meeting, Thursday, Nov 1, 2007, 4-5:30 pm in the Library Archives.

Submitted by Dana Richter for Secretary Amy Hughes, October 8, 2007.

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