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Annual Board Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Van Pelt Library Lounge

October 18, 2001

Present: Cho, Hawthorne, Hoagland, Hughes, Kalluri, Morrison, Reynolds, Richter, Love, Vincent

Absent: Hubbard, Munsterman, Yaek

Visitors: Phyllis Johnson, Max Seel, others

Dee Vincent opened the meeting at about 5:00 pm.

Dee Vincent introduced the members of the board who were present, and thanked board member Erin Minne who has moved away.

Dee Vincent made the following comments: "In this last year, the friends have made significant gifts to the library. Where we are now, the Friends Lounge, has been in the works for a couple of years and has finally been completed (even has a cappuccino machine). It has been a great asset for the students. We have also given money to purchase new computer furniture. The Friends also fund two archival grant programs. One is a travel fellowship for Researchers and the other is a local history grant program. We also fund the rental of the Library Popular Collection and fund the paperback collection. Thanks to Friends members and supporters, we could not have done it without you!

Fund raisers last year included our Annual Used Book Sale which netted

$2644, the Book Cart made $800.00 and Econo Food receipts brought

in $431.00. We continue to sell blankets and note cards."


One board members term is up this year - Peck Cho. He has agreed to stand for re-election to the board. There are vacancies on the Board and Gail Mroz has been nominated for a position - are there any more nominations from the floor? There were no more nominations from the floor.

All in favor of these nominations to be elected to the board? Motion was passed. Peck Cho and Gail Mroz are board members.

A slate of officers has been nominated to serve for the coming year:

Secretary Amy Hughes

Treasurer Terry Reynolds

Newsletter Faith Morrison

Vice Chair ?

Chair Dee Vincent

All in favor of these nominations? Motion was passed.

Is there any other business to attend to today? No other business was brought up.

That was the end of the business meeting.

Our speaker, Dr. Max Seel, Dean of the College of Sciences and Arts, spoke about the new Library/Fisher addition project which was recently supported by the State.

Submitted by Amy Hughes, October 30, 2001

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