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Annual Membership Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library
VPL Archives (new building)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

This meeting was held in the MTU Archives in the Van Pelt Library from 4:30 – 5:30 pm.  The Archives is now in its new location on the library garden level.

Present: Gail Mroz, Don Durfee, Phyllis Johnson, Mary Marchaterre, Amy Hughes, Faith Morrison, Terry Reynolds, Maria Beardslee, June Hawthorne, Bette Mongold, and several quests, including Eric Nordberg

Absent: George Love, Dee Vincent, Karen Hubbard, Dana Richter, Patrick Quimby.

Don Durfee addressed the audience and ran the short business meeting:

Don named all the current Board members.

Don noted our fundraising highlights:

Fund raisers last year included our Annual Used Book Sale, the Book Cart sales, and Econo Food receipts. We also continue to sell blankets and note cards.


One board member term is up this year – Gail Mroz. Gail has agreed to stand for re-election to the board.

Four board members resigned from the board, and immediately agreed to be re-elected to the board: Karen Hubbard, Dee Vincent, Mary Marchaterre, and Faith Morrison.

There were no nominations from the floor.  All were in favor of these nominations to be elected to the board 

A slate of officers was nominated to serve for the coming year:

Secretary                      Amy Hughes
Treasurer                      Terry Reynolds
Vice Chair                    Don Durfee
Chair                            Dee Vincent

All were in favor of these nominations, except that Terry Reynolds was not in favor of the Treasurer nominee.

After the business meeting, Eric Nordberg gave a tour of the Archives.  Phyllis Johnson then gave a tour of the on-going library construction 

Submitted by Amy Hughes, November 4, 2004.

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