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Annual Membership Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Thursday, November 01, 2007

This meeting was held in the MTU Archives in the Van Pelt Library from 4:13 – 5:08 pm. 

Present: Don Durfee, Phyllis Johnson, Mary Marchaterre, Amy Hughes, Terry Reynolds, Brian Geiger, Dick Rupley, George Love, Dee Vincent, Karen Hubbard, Dana Richter, Faith Morrison, Patricia Van Pelt, Eloise Haller

Absent: Gail Mroz

Dee Vincent addressed the audience and ran the short business meeting:

Dee noted the FVPL fundraising highlights for the past year. Fund raisers last year included our Winter Carnival Sale, Annual Used Book Sale, the Book Cart sales, and Econo Food receipts.  


Faith Morrison conducted the elections.

Five board members’ terms are up this year:  Karen Hubbard, Faith Morrison, Dee Vincent, Mary Marchaterre, and Gail Mroz.  Dick Rupley nominated Sue DesRochers as a board member.    These people were all unanimously approved for election to the board.

Mary Marchaterre nominated both Faith Morrison and Dana Richter to serve as Co-Chairs of the FVPL board for the coming year. 

The slate of officers nominated to serve for the coming year:

Co-Chairs        Faith Morrison and Dana Richter

Vice Chair       Don Durfee

Treasurer         Terry Reynolds                      

Secretary         Amy Hughes

All were in favor of these nominations to be elected as board officers, except that Terry Reynolds was “opposed” to Terry Reynolds becoming Treasurer.

Bill Haller gave an interesting presentation on High Explosives Manufactured in the Upper Peninsula.

The meeting adjourned at 5:08 pm.   Submitted by Amy Hughes, November 2, 2007.

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