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Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Board Meeting Minutes

April 2, 1998

Present:  Kim, Terry, Erin, Dee, Phyllis, Sally, Karen, Rebecca

Book Sale:
This year we have ~5100 books valued at $2650 (more books that still
need to be picked up).  Last year there were 9452 books, valued at

We need new signs for the different book categories.

Board members should bring bags, both plastic and paper, to
the sale.

Library surplus books can't be sold at the "Friends Only" sale.

Need students to work at the sale:
    5-10 for set-up and clean-up
    2-5 at all other times

Set-up begins at 10:00 on April 14th.

Board members signed up for book sale times.

REBECCA will get a list of members for the pre-sale.

Notecards and blankets will be sold at the sale, also.

Jim Lahaie will post the sale with the Super V volunteer list.

The bag sale will only be advertised at the sale itself, not in the
publicity.  $2.00 a bag

ERIN will check into parking tokens for patrons.

KAREN needs membership cards and extra newsletters from REBECCA to be
given out at the sale.

The current newsletter has gone out.  An article on NCA recommendations
should be included in a newsletter when they are submitted.

No sales of notecards or blankets for March 1998.
Our current net value is $16,051.50, a ~$300 increase from March.

The Library Beautification Committee has been renamed.  It is now the
Library Environment Commitee.

The next meeting will be on May 7th.

Submitted by Rebecca Fitzgerald.

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