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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Van Pelt Library

May 6, 1999

Present: George Love, Karen Hubbard, Erin Minne, Lynn Bjorkman, Dee Vincent, Peck Cho, Faith Morrison, Terry Reynolds, June Hawthorne

Absent: Dana Richter, Kim Hoagland, Phyllis Johnson

Visitors: Theresa Spence

The meeting called to order at 4:05pm. Vice-chairman Dee Vincent presided.

The minutes of the April minutes were reviewed. Karen Hubbard moved and Faith Morrison seconded that the minutes be approved. Motion passed.

Faith Morrison gave the secretary's report. She sent thank you letters about the book sale to the Gazette and to the Lode; it appeared in the Lode on page 2 in the left-hand column. No one is sure if they saw it in the Gazette.

Terry Reynolds gave the Treasurer's report. Our net worth is just under $22,000. Last month he had indicated that the book-sale proceeds were not yet in the account, but it turns out that 2 out of the 3 deposits he made were in the account as of last month's printout. Reynolds checked with the University Bookstore on whether they are displaying the cards/blankets. They ran out of blankets as of February in one store and in December in the other store, so they have now reordered (and received) 24 blankets. We have about 24 blankets in stock. The cards are on display back by the beanie babies.

Under Old Business the board discussed the renovation of the first floor of the Library. Vincent talked to some university employees who recommended Bob from Steelcase as someone who could plan out a new arrangement for the first floor for free. Of course, he would use only Steelcase products. An email from Kim Hoagland had indicated that Karin Cooper from UP Architects would cost between $1,000 (no drawings) and $5,000 (extensive architectural drawings) to plan the first floor renovation. There was a lively discussion. Morrison advocated hiring the architect. June Hawthorne said that Trinity Church had been very satisfied with her work. She also indicated that seeing nice architectural drawings had made a big difference in the support for the project among church members. Karen Hubbard suggested that we both hire Cooper and get the guy from Steelcase to come in. She also indicated that there was some money for the first floor project from the Library. This had been mentioned in the meeting of the Ambiance Alliance. Morrison will ask Phyllis Johnson about that. Peck Cho asked for clarification - are we talking about just the reference area or the whole first floor? Morrison said the Friends have committed up to $7,500 to re-doing the reference area but doing the whole first floor will be much more money. There was more discussion. Morrison went to get Teresa Spence who had been among those who had met with Cooper earlier.

Spence reported that one of Cooper's ideas was to group the "browse-y" things together (paperbacks, popular collection, new books) and work on the entrance. Cooper, Spence, Hoagland and Nancy Szofran also talked about constraints on the use of the space such as all the mud and snow that gets tracked in. Spence reported that Cooper suggested moving the copiers somewhere else since they are noisy; she also thought signage should be changed. Spence indicated that for $1,000 she thought we would get a description of Cooper's ideas and for $5,000 detailed drawings. Lynn Bjorkman said that from her experience with architectural projects Cooper would have to come up with concepts and ideas before proceeding to drawings. Bjorkman advocated that we spend $1,000 to have Cooper come up with her ideas, and if we like them we can spend the additional $4,000 for the detailed drawings. Bjorkman moved and Morrison seconded that the Friends spend up to $1,000 to hire Karin Cooper to produce a report with conceptual plans to renovate the first floor of the Van Pelt Library. Motion passed with one abstention.

Also under Old Business Vincent brought up the book-sale cart. She had visited the Ann Arbor Public Library where they had books for sale on a cart. The books were paid for at the circulation desk and were protected by the library's security system. When a sale is made, the library staff deactivates the security feature. After some discussion the board decided to stick with the plan that Reynolds will set up a library book-sale cart on the honor system. He will do this this summer some time.

The Fundraising Committee has not met. The will discuss the Econo Foods receipt idea when they do meet.

Also under Old Business the board discussed the Friends Archives Travel Grants/Local History Grants. As per the email sent by Hoagland, University Archivist Nordberg opposes calling the grants the Friends Grants. After some discussion, the board agreed to call it the Friends Grants in our publicity and allow Archivist Nordberg to call it the Archives Grants in his publicity.

Morrison moved, and Love seconded, that the Friends designate $1250 to fund the Travel Grand/Local History Grant program for academic year 1999/2000. Motion passed with one abstention.

Morrison moved and Hubbard seconded that the Friends designate $7,000 to the Library for the paperback collection and $1,000 for ongoing support of the rented popular collection. Motion passed unanimously. Morrison will ask Ellen Seidel for circulation statistics on the popular collection.

As per the email from Hoagland, the board discussed several options for collections projects that could be supported by the Friends. One idea was to give funds to help to build up the collection in areas where new degree programs have been approved. Cho commented that the University really needs to support new programs as part of its plan to add new programs. We should not let them off the hook. The board agreed. The board decided not to support any additional collections projects at this time.

The Library Staff has invited the Friends to a Friends Appreciation Day on June 10. The board was delighted, although several board members will be out of town.

Reynolds suggested that Morrison compose joke minutes to be sent to the absent Hoagland indicating that the board had narrowly voted down all spending measures. The board did not support this motion.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20pm.

The next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Van Pelt Library will be Thursday, June 3 in room 309 of the J. Robert Van Pelt Library.

Submitted May 7, 1999 by Faith A. Morrison

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