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Friends of the Van Pelt Library Board Meeting Minutes

Jan. 4, 2000

Present: Karen Hubbard, Phyllis Johnson, Udaya Kalluri, George Love, Erin Minne’, Terry Reynolds, Dee Vincent

Dee Vincent called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.

1. December Minutes: The minutes were available for review.  There was one change: to indicate that Faith Morrison had agreed to speak with the senior class representatives about their gift.  Terry Reynolds moved that the minutes be approved; Karen Hubbard seconded; it was unanimous.

2. Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer, Terry Reynolds, reported a surprising encumbrance of $4,202 in the Friends account that appeared on the January statement without documentation.  The board discussed this and decided it was probably an item related to the new lounge area.  Phyllis Johnson volunteered to look into it.  This caused the board to wonder how funds can be authorized.  We believe that only the treasurer has that authority.  Reynolds reminded the board that they are committed to covering the costs of the archival speaker series and also the popular collection and asked that the board be fiscally prudent by considering no further commitments in the near future.  As of January 2, 2001, there was a balance of $8,489.30 in the Michigan Tech Fund account and a balance of $4056.79 in the Friends account.
4. Old Business: a.) Audit committee – The committee will arrange its next meeting after Udaya Kalluri returns from abroad in mid-February.  Reynolds should be prepared for an audit by then.

b.) Lounge area update – Johnson reported that apparently $4,202 has been spent.  Some furniture is on site already.  It will be April or May before the coffee machine is working.  Vincent asked if the area would be expanded, but Johnson replied that due to cost considerations and the placement of the windows it is not feasible.

c.) Work bee – Reynolds reported that the December work bee went well and that 996 books were priced and boxed.  Several board members, plus a student volunteer, were able to clear the floor and made good progress toward getting the books priced.  Reynolds reported that there are still about 750 books not yet categorized, priced and boxed.

d.) Portfolio assignments – Only a few of these were discussed: the book cart has been restocked and Econofood receipts are being collected.  Reynolds will have a rubber stamp made to stamp the back of the receipts so they are easily and properly identified.  Regarding the book sale, Kalluri asked if we could send notes to those who bought large quantities of books last year, but nobody could recall having tracked those.  It was suggested that thank you notes be sent to anyone who donated a large quantity of books.  Karen Hubbard agreed to send such a note to Isabel Hagen.

4. New Business: a.) Planning/vision: additional planning will be done at the next meeting.

b.) Blankets/cards: the article ran in the Alumnus magazine mentioning that blankets and notecards are for sale.  Erin Minné mentioned that the Tech Fund might be interested in buying blankets to serve as a memento to donors in the 1885 Society.  She will pursue this with her supervisor and work with Reynolds on any purchase.

5. Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 8, at 4 p.m.  Vincent will not be available.  Peck Cho will run the meeting.

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