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Board Meeting

Friends of the Van Pelt Library

May 3, 2001

Present: Peck Cho, Amy Hughes, Phyllis Johnson, Erin Minné, Faith Morrison, Terry Reynolds, Dee Vincent, Renee Yaek
Absent: June Hawthorne, Karen Hubbard, Kim Hoagland, Udaya Kalluri, George Love, Dana Richter
Guest: Pauline Moore

Dee Vincent called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.

1. April minutes: There was a change: Udaya Kalluri also served on the audit committee.  There was a motion that the minutes be approved with that change.  Terry Reynolds moved they be accepted; Peck Cho seconded; the minutes were accepted.

2. Secretary’s report: No report other than updates on business to be covered later in meeting.

3. Treasurer’s report: Reynolds shared a report showing a total of $9,388.81 in the accounts.  He said there was a mystery receipt, but after a brief discussion we realized it was for two blankets.  He added that the account is encumbered for $600 for the archives speaker’s series.

4. Poetry Open Enjoyment and Tribute Week: Librarian Pauline Moore joined us to talk about the poetry week activities.  She said about 90 people took part in the readings throughout the week, with a nice mix of participants including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, faculty emeriti, and community members.  The Friends Lounge was a nice and appropriate place for the events.  It was suggested that other types of readings could be held there, as well as book signings and perhaps the annual meeting of the Friends.

5. Old Business:
a) Updates on “to do’s” from the last meeting:
-- Thanks letters went to Tau Beta Pi, SIS and NSBE; we need to ask Karen Hubbard if she sent a note to Wil and ask Dana Richter about thank you letters to those who donated.
– Faith Morrison sent Erin Minne’ a spreadsheet of those who volunteered in the sale.  Minne’ will do a “hats off” letter to the Daily Mining Gazette, listing all of the volunteers’ names.
– The formerly missing invoice was located.
– The archives grant will remain at the same level.
– Morrison asked if we can gather book sale instructions and post them to the web site.  Reynolds said he has some and will forward them.   Everyone thanked Reynolds for his hard work at the book sale.  Morrison offered to post minutes to the web site; everyone thought that was a great idea.  Vincent noted that if we contact the local television station two weeks prior to the next book sale, it can appear on the community calendar.
– Afghan order was submitted.
– Reynolds will continue stocking the book cart and hopes to work with a Tau Beta Pi volunteers on this project starting with the next academic year.

 b) Econofoods receipts are due June 1.  Morrison has been collecting some from departments.  Kalluri is aware of the due date.
c) Tech Fund Discount for cards – It was agreed by the board to wholesale the note cards to the Michigan Tech Fund (at $6 per pack of 12 cards).

6. Next meeting: This is the last meeting for the academic year.  The next meeting is Thursday, Sept. 6 at 4:00 p.m. in room 309 of the J.R. Van Pelt Library.  At that time we will need to prepare for the annual meeting.

Submitted by Erin Minne May 11, 2001

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