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Friends of the Van Pelt Library

Annual Meeting

Oct. 26, 2000

Present:  Peck Cho, Karen Hubbard, Erin Minne’, Faith Morrison, Terry Reynolds, Dee Vincent

Dee Vincent convened the annual meeting at 5:05 p.m.  She welcomed everyone and said that a short membership meeting would take place to be followed by the featured speaker, a drawing for door prizes, and a reception.

Recap:  Vincent thanked those board members who have left the area this year: Lynn Bjorkman, Rebecca Fitzgerald, and Wil Slough.  She gave a brief recap of the programs at the Library that the Friends helped to fund over the year, including improvements to the reference and public access areas, and the archival research grants.  Vincent also mentioned the successful fundraising efforts including the book cart, the Econofoods receipt program, the sales of blankets and notecards, and the book sale.

Elections: Several incumbent board members were reelected: June Hawthorne, George Love and Dana Richter. New board member Udaya Kalluri was elected.  Officers were also elected:  Vincent is chair, Cho is vice-chair, Reynolds returns as treasurer, and Minne’ is secretary.  (It was noted that Morrison will oversee the newsletter.)

Other Business: Theresa Spence and Pauline Moore, members of the library staff, were present to thank the board members, giving each a certificate of appreciation and a rose.

Featured Speaker:  Neal Davis of Finlandia University gave an entertaining presentation regarding his recently published book, Quotes from the Bathroom Wall.

Next meeting: Thursday, Nov. 2 at 4 p.m.

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