Information for Prospective Students

WANTED: Student Researchers!!!

I'm looking for diverse, motivated students to work on a variety of graduate and undergraduate research projects. For some past and current project examples, see the "Students Advising" and "Research" pages.


I enjoy working with a variety of students, both geoscience majors and others such as Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Sciences and Physics. Worried because you have no remote sensing background? If you're willing to learn, we're willing to teach you - we have some excellent courses that you can take while doing research. I have sponsored projects that are field-based as well as computer intensive.


Undergraduates: We have a lot of flexibility here, and past students have worked in the field (for example monitoring stream chemistry), the lab (chemical experiments and measurements) and in remote sensing (both computer and field)

I often pair undergraduate students with graduate students, to help them get involved with an active research project. There are also opportunities for undergraduates to get their own funding (see below) for travel, meetings and field work.

Graduates, M.S.: These projects depend somewhat on funding, but additional support is available from departmental Teaching Assistantships, which allows a pretty wide range of research. In these my goal is for you to learn how to conduct a research project, how to organize and analyze your results, and how to present your results to a broad audience. My goal is to get you to at least one outside conference per year, in addition to a number of local (MTU) conferences. Many of my M.S. students have done internships as well, such as NASA or the USGS. This is a great experience and I encourage this.

            We have a new program , the Master’s International program with the U.S. Peace Corp.  This is a great way to get field and practical experience in Central America while earning your M.S.

Graduates, Ph.D.: PhD projects are primarily tied to ongoing research projects, but as a Doctoral student I would expect you to generate your own unique research focus. So while you might start off on an existing project, it often happens that you will come up with your own directions for research. As PhD students, I expect that you will learn how to tackle all kinds of projects, learn how to teach yourself what you need to do good research, and achieve confidence in your abilities by practice: you will meet lots of different researchers, and will most likely do some kind of off-campus internship (past ones have been to NASA Goddard and Alaska's Volcano Observatory) to gain experience.

I am also a part of the Computer Science and Engineering group, which is designed for students who are highly skilled in computer sciences with interests in science applications. This is a valuable career path for those who want to merge cutting-edge technical and scientific interests.


This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. These are just some of the common fellowships and aid that many of our students have been able to get.


Funding Agency








National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

develop your own research project; proposals due Nov. 7 (

2003 Guidelines (

stipend + tuition



National Aeronautic and Space Administration

many different fellowships/internships; proposals due Feb. 1


stipend + tuition

check the web site

check the web site

National Physical Science Consortium

develop your own research project; proposals due Aug. 1 - Nov. 15


stipend + tuition



Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society

(; proposals due Mar. 15 and Oct. 15

up to 1000

up to 1000










Michigan Space Grant Consortium

to assist students in research support

(; proposals due Dec. 2








Michigan Tech




MTU Challenge Fellowships

these are linked to existing research grants, but the research for these is not specified - check with potential advisors

stipend + tuition



Research Assistantships

these are part of existing research projects - check with potential advisors

stipend + tuition

stipend + tuition


Teaching Assistantships

these typically involve laboratory teaching, grading, and lab preparation.

rarely offered

stipend + tuition


MTU Graduate School Opportunities

( Look under the "Fellowships" link




National (general)

This web site links to most Federal funding opportunities










For more information, you can contact me by email.



Revised: 15 May 2004