Henrique A. Fernandes


Affiliate professor


Department of Physics - MTU
1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931, USA




- Fisher Hall 121 (MTU)
- Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center 3002 (When visiting University of Oklahoma)

Research Interests

Statistical physics of biological systems


E. Arashiro, H.A. Fernandes, and J.R.D. de Felicio.
A comparative study of the dynamic critical behavior of the four-state Potts like models.
Physica. A, 388, 4379 (2009).

H.A. Fernandes, E. Arashiro, J.R.D. de Felicio, and A.A. Caparica.
An alternative order parameter for the 4-state Potts model.
Physica. A, 366, 255 (2006).

H.A. Fernandes, J.R.D. de Felicio.
Global persistence exponent of the Double-exchange model.
Physical Review E, 73, 57101 (2006).

H.A. Fernandes, R. da Silva, J.R.D. de Felicio.
Short-time critical and coarsening dynamics of the classical three-dimensional Heisenberg model.
Journal of statistical Mechanics. Theory and Experiment, 10, P10002 (2006).

H.A. Fernandes, J.R.D. de Felicio, and A.A. Caparica.
Short-time critical behavior of a classical ferromagnet with Double-exchange interaction.
Physical Review B, 72, 54434 (2005).

H.A. Fernandes, T.L. Silva, and N.P. Tretiakov.
Inverted pendulum: Complex dynamic in a simple mechanical system.
Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Fisica, 21, 48 (1999).