Jason M. Keith

Adjunct Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Michigan Technological University

Professor, Director, and Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. Chair
Dave C. Swalm School of Chemical Engineering
Mississippi State University


Honors and Awards
Joseph J. Martin Award, American Society for Engineering Education (2011)
Frederick D. Williams Instructional Innovation Award, Michigan Technological University (2010)
Ray W. Fahien Award, American Society for Engineering Education (2008)
Omega Chi Epsilon Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor (2003)
3M Nontenured Faculty Grant (2003)
Omega Chi Epsilon Teaching Excellence Award (2002)
Eli and Helen Shaheen Graduate School Award, University of Notre Dame (2001)

CM2120: Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering 2

CM3120: Transport / Unit Operations 2

Fuel Cells and Alternative Fuels Enterprise: Main AFG Enterprise Information Site and ARL Project Information

Java Web-Tools (Funded by Michigan Space Grant Consortium)

CACHE Modules on Energy in the Curriculum: Fuel Cells (Funded by CACHE Corporation, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Michigan Space Grant Consortium, and Argonne National Lab)

Fuel Cell Power and Voltage Calculator and Instructions

Biodiesel Calculator and Instructions

Fuel Cell Sizing (Knovel)

Matlab Gui-Tools

Our Family Dog (Pennant)

Grad School Q&A