CM/ENT 3974: Fuel Cell Fundamentals

Welcome to the homepage for CM/ENT 3974: Fuel Cell Fundamentals. This is an elective course intended to teach students the fundamentals necessary to begin work or research in fuel cell, hydrogen, and related technologies. This page is designed for students and friends to keep track of the progress of this course.

Course and curriculum development has been partially sponsored by the United States Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) and the United States Department of Energy. Click the following link for more information
about Hydrogen Education at Michigan Technological University.

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During Fall 2009, the course will be taught on Fridays at 3pm in Chem-Sci room 211.

For any questions or comments, please contact the course instructor, Jason Keith by email at jmkeith at mtu dot edu.

Course Outline
1Sept. 3Introduction to Fuel Cells (part 1) HW1 due Sept 17
2Sept. 10K-Day (no class) N / A
3Sept. 17Introduction to Fuel Cells (part 2) HW 2 due Sept 24
4Sept. 24Fuel Cell Efficiency HW 3 due Oct 8
5Oct. 1Homecoming (no class)
 N / A
6Oct. 8Effect of Pressure and Gas Concentration HW 4 due Oct 22
7Oct. 15Quiz 1 N / A
8Oct. 22Losses in Fuel Cells TBA
9Oct. 29Fuel Cell Mass Balances TBA
10Nov. 5Humidity and Water Management
11Nov. 12Thermal Management of Fuel Cells TBA
12Nov. 19Hydrogen Economy TBA 
13Dec. 3Quiz 2 N / A
14Dec. 10In Class Team Presentations N / A


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