MTU Combinatorics

Michigan Technological University
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Combinatorics Research Institute


Graduate Programs

Weekly Seminar (Wednesdays at 1:00pm in room 327B Fisher Hall)


Alphonse H. Baartmans, Combinatorics, design theory, algebra.
Jürgen Bierbrauer, Combinatorics, cryptology, algebra.
Michael J. Gilpin, Combinatorics, discrete mathematics.
Konrad J. Heuvers, Functional equations, linear algebra, combinatorics, group theory.
Donald L. Kreher, Combinatorics, combinatorial algorithms, combinatorial designs, cryptography.
Renfang Jiang , Group theory, low-dimensional topology.
Vladimir D. Tonchev, algorithms, computing, coding theory, combinatorics, finite geometry.

Graduate Students

Karen Colbert
Melissa Keranen
Chekad Sarami
Wang Hao
Lisa Thimm
Veronica Puente Vera

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