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Matlab (Matrix laboratory) is an interactive software system for numerical computations and graphics. As the name suggests, Matlab is especially designed for matrix computations: solving systems of linear equations, computing eigenvalues and eigenvectors, factoring matrices, and so forth. In addition, it has a variety of graphical capabilities, and can be extended through programs written in its own programming language. Many such programs come with the system; a number of these extend Matlab's capabilities to nonlinear problems, such as the solution of initial value problems for ordinary differential equations.

Matlab is designed to solve problems numerically, that is, in finite-precision arithmetic. Therefore it produces approximate rather than exact solutions, and should not be confused with a symbolic computation system (SCS) such as Mathematica or Maple. It should be understood that this does not make Matlab better or worse than an SCS; it is a tool designed for different tasks and is therefore not directly comparable.

In the following sections, I give an introduction to some of the most useful features of Matlab. I include plenty of examples; the best way to learn to use Matlab is to read this while running Matlab, trying the examples and experimenting.

Mark S. Gockenbach
Wed Sep 8 10:44:13 EDT 1999