Other Movie Sites


The following is a list of other movie sites that have been brought to my attention by readers of the Gish wb site. Some of them are specific to silent movies and others are a combination. Some are links to establishments with Gish or silent movie collections. I have added a short comentary to give some idea what each is about.


Mining Company Classic Movie Site:

The Mining Company (www.miningco.com) has hundreds of sites, each dealing with a particular area of interest. Each site is led by a single "Guide" -- a knowledgable and passionate advocate on the subject. Guides "mine" the Internet for the best and most relevant information in their subject areas and present it in a clear, concise manner. This site has many links to other sites. Not just movies.


The Movie Pal:

The Movie Pal is a reservoir for tribute sites on films and artists built by fans.


The Silents Majority:

Run as a silent film group by a fan of D.W.Griffith in Ohio.



Many links to a huge array of films. The link to Lillian can be found at the following location. Serious film lovers agree that Film.com is absolutely the best site for in-depth cinema coverage.


Lillian Gish Picture Site:

This photogallery is offered by David B. Pearson and is a great tribute to Lillian.


New York Library for the Performing Arts:

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, located at Linoln Center in New York. The personal papers of Lillian Gish were donated to their Theatre Collection. The Lillian Gish collection is really extraordinary and includes photographs, scripts, personal papers, and an incredible collection of correspondence. Nearly everyone who was anyone in the 20th century wrote to her. You may need to travel to New York to view the majority of this material. One location for information is here.



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