W  E  S  T  W  O  O  D

                                        Video History 1960's to 1980's


Video Number One:

Rare film. Hall's Mustang, Craig's Camaro. Cheetah, Brabham, street and competition GT-40.
McLaren (Chuck Parsons). Cooper-Climax/Lola Climax duel. John Hall and John Randall
motorcycling. Club races. Parade of Triumph products. Miss Westwood. Ridenour's Genie.
Florence's Cobra and more.

Video Number Two:

Rare film of Pro Races. Wade Carter's Porsche 904 undressing in the Carousel. Parsons'
McLaren, Burnett Specials. Canadian Chinook. Cobra. Tiger. Formula Vee. Corvettes. Sterne's
No. 4 Morgan. Eppie Wietzes' Ford GT-40. Parade of Mustangs and more.

Video Number Three:

Early years. More rare film and slides. Pete Lovely's Cooper-Ferrari. Burnett's Ferrari TR61.
Porsche RSK Spyder. Starr Calvert's D-Jag. Devin. Bob McLean's No. 101 Lotus 23B,
Formula Junior, and Aston-Martin. Early motorcycles races and a glimpse of Go Karts and more.

Video Number Four:

Brian McLoughlin's formula venture from early seventies to early eighties. His start in Formula
Vee,  moving up to Formula Ford, and then his debut in Formula Atlantic are featured.

Video Number Five:

A video of the 1970's showing Honda Civic races, Vintage races, Trans-Am, and
Formula Atlantic into the 80's and more.   Combination of film and slides.

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