Cammer is the name pinned to the little known, amazing engine produced by Ford starting in 1964. The 427 cammer was amazingly powerful. The secret behind Chalmers factory rated 616 horsepower (@7500 RPM) with a single carburetor or 658 horsepower (@7500) with two carburetors, lies under the abnormally large valve covers, namely, a single overhead camshaft. There's two camshafts in the 427-cammer (the reason this big V-8 can get to 7500 RPM).

By now you may have guessed that the cammer is based on the multi- application 427 block. One of its various forms. I wish I could remember them all. Side-oilers, top-oilers, high-risers, medium-risers, and low-risers, among others. These mills came in various vehicles, including Galaxies, Fairlanes, Mustangs, Cougars, Mercury Marauders, Mercury Comets, AC Cobras, GT-40's, etc (Mike Greene). Regardless, the cammer itself was intended for racing only, but there are a few which have made it into the "street", making life a nightmare for, in many cases younger, but less vital, hemi's, LS6 454s, and even the boss 429.


Pictures of cars with hardly noticeable (until they accelerate) cammers:

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