Physical Volcanology of Large Lava Flows

Geological Field Trip--Eastern Isle Royale, Michigan,  June 17-23, 2019


Middle Proterozoic Continental Tholeiitic Flood Basalts of the 1.1 Ba Keweenaw Rift (Rodinia)

Trip Leaders: Bill Rose, Erika Vye

Geologic Features:

Keweenaw Geoheritage

IRField trip log  Hard copy 

Keweenaw one day Guide

Magma Oceans---Very large lava flows, (volumes > 1000 km3 and with millennia-long solidification times)

Tilted sequence of multiple mafic lavas ponded in the Midcontinent rift valley with many preserved solidification features.

Wave-washed shoreline basalt exposures,

Ophitic textural complexity,

Variety of columnar jointing features,

Mafic dolerites and pegmatites, segregation cylinders

Amygdaloidal zeolite facies minerals

Spectacular landscapes

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