0900-0920    Federica Lanza  “Plio-Quaternary kinematics and geometry of the Calama-Olacapato–El-Toro Fault zone across the Puna Plateau, Argentina

0920-0940    Open

0940-1000    Daniele Alami  “Reventador structure”

1000-1020    Rüdiger Escobar Wolf--"History of Pacaya and the May 2010 eruption"

1020-1040    Hilary Morgan   “Thermal satellite sensing of Pacaya”


1040-1100    Lauren Schaefer  "Rock mechanical surveying at Pacaya:  field campaign January 2011"

1100-1120   Patrick Manzoni "Numerical modeling strategies for understanding slope stability on the Pacaya Volcano"

1120-1140    Justin Olson--(Seismic or GPS surveys at Pacaya)

1140-1200    Jay Wellik--"Using GIS and hazard models to quantify population exposure at Central American volcanoes"