Owl Creek Sands

Owl Creek Sands

The Owl Creek sands are stamp sands, created from man’s mining activity at Copper Falls and other nearby locations such as the Petherick Mine.

Owl Creek Sands, looking W toward Great Sand Bay.  Photo by Neil Harri.

Mining projects involve a system for liberating, separating, refining and concentrating ores.  These typically have a mine location, perhaps shafts where ore is removed, poor rock piles where waste rock is discarded, mills where rocks are crushed to liberate valuable minerals and where the minerals can be separated from tailings, which is ground up waste rock.  Rivers are used in mining systems and often they carry the tailings to a lake or sand pile. At this site the Owl Creek is the affected river and the Owl Creek sands is the stamp sand.

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Copper Falls Shaft N

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Owl Creek Shaft (Ashbed)