Feb 16, 2016

Rod Chimner  - Professor  Profile


Carnegie Museum Community Room,

Downtown Houghton


6:30 pm: Refreshments and introductions

7-8 pm:  Seminar and Discussion

The fascinating world of wetlands: an overview of types, importance, issues and restoration of our local wetlands.
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Wetlands are unique ecosystems that provide many benefits, including protecting shorelines from wave erosion, filtering nutrients and sediments before they enter aquatic systems, storing enormous amounts of carbon, and providing habitats for a variety of species.  Despite the importance of wetlands, many wetlands have been destroyed or are in various states of degradation.  I will present a brief overview of what a wetland is, adaptations for surviving in wetlands, types of wetlands in the region, and an overview of local wetland restoration.

Dr. Chimner is an Associate Professor at the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, Michigan Technological University.  Rod has worked for over 20 years studying wetlands.  He currently teaches a senior level wetlands class and graduate level courses in advanced wetlands and restoration ecology at MTU.