Big Ideas in Volcanology #08:


Given the wideness of the topic, researchers and research groups span through all the branches of the science involved. Here is a starting point: an extremely short list with links to the websites of selected scientists and research groups working on subjects related to this Big Idea. In order to make it more complete please contact me with suggestions at

Simon Carn

Michigan Technological University

Volcanic degassing

Francis Albarède

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Isotopes geochemistry

Iain McDonald

Cardiff University

Analytical Geochemistry

OMI/TOMS Volcanic Emissions Group

University of Maryland

Clive Oppenheimer

University of Cambridge

Volcanic degassing

Paul J. Crutzen

Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995)

Atmospheric chemistry

Martin Frank

University of Kiel

Radiogenic isotopes

Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory

University of Wisconsin - Madison


Researchers directory

Earth’s hydrosphere comes from Volcanic Degassing