Post-doctoral Associates

Rudiger P. Escobar Wolf, Ph.D. - Building local capacities for monitoring eruptive and catastrophic landslide activity at Pacaya Volcano (Guatemala)

Current Doctoral Students

El Hachemi Bouali, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow - Sustainable Geotechnical Asset Management along the Transportation Infrastructure Environment Using Remote Sensing

James Bialas, - A Crowdsourced Knowledge Base for the Damage Assessment of Extreme Events (coadvised with Prof. Tim Havens)

Priscilla Addison, - Remote Sensing Based Assessment System for Evaluating Risk to Transportation Infrastructure Following Wildfires

Michael Sayers, - Spatial Characterization using Remote sensing (coadvised with Prof. Robert Shuchman)

Chandan Kumar, - Minerals and Rock Type Mapping Using Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer-Next Generation (AVIRIS-NG) Data (coadvised with Prof. Snehamoy Chatterjee)

Current Under-graduate Research Assistants

Kirsten DePrekel - California PSI Bridges Project

Luke Weidner - Earthquake Damage Assessment

Past Post-doctoral Associates

Sajin Kumar Kochappi Sathyan, Ph.D. - Application of remote sensing to quantify uncertainties related to climate change in landslide hazard characterization in Idukki District, Kerala, India.

Graduated Ph.D. Students

Lauren Schaefer, Ph.D., NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow - Application of remote sensing and numerical modeling to volcanic hazard monitoring Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Canterbury

Bonnie Zwissler, Ph.D., - Biomediated Geomechanical Processes for Dust Mitigation and Monitoring at Mine Tailings Impoundments (coadvised with Prof. Eric Seagren) Geotechnical Engineer at Barr Engineering

Renee Oats, Ph.D., - Application of Remote Monitoring Techniques for Civil Infrastructure (coadvised with Prof. Qingli Dai) Post Doctoral Fellow, Morgan State University, Maryland

Graduated MS Students

Maria Diletta Acciaro, M.S., - Security against geohazards at the major Enguri hydroelectric scheme in Georgia (coadvised with Prof. John Gierke)

Jonathan Sanders, M.S., - Slope stability analysis integration in ArcGIS

Lindsay Ellingson, M.S., - Landslide hazard and risk assessment in Nicaragua (coadvised with Prof. John Gierke)

Priscilla Addison, M.S., - Rail embankment stabilization needs on the Hudson Bay Railway (coadvised with Prof. Pasi Lautala)

James Bialas, M.S., - Object based image classification for earthquake induced damage assessment (coadvised with Prof. Eugene Levin)

Samantha Justice, M.S., - Remote sensing for proactive management of slope instability (coadvised with Prof. Stan Vitton)

Daniel Cerminaro, M.S., NSF Graduate Research Fellow - Object-based earthquake-induced damage assessment using remote sensing

Patrice Cobin, M.S., - Probabilistic modeling of rainfall induced landslide hazard assessment (coadvised with Prof. John Gierke)

Rachel Hetherington, M.S., - Stability of Mount Meager Volcanic Complex (MMVC) in British Columbia, Canada (coadvised with Prof. Benjamin van Wyk de Vries)

Ren Keyport, M.S., - Comparison of pixel-based versus object-oriented classification of landslides using remote sensing data

Bonnie Zwissler, M.S., - Modeling the impact of freeze thaw on cliff recession: A case study of Calvert Cliffs in Calvert County, Maryland

Daniel Smith, M.S., (2012) - Stability and rainfall susceptibility of volcanic slopes on the Chichontepec Volcano in Central El Salvador (coadvised with Prof. John Gierke)

Abhishek Jain, M.S., (2012) - Sampling bias in evaluating the probability of seismically-induced soil liquefaction

Lauren Schaefer, M.S., (2012) - Geotechnical data and numerical analysis of edifice collapse and related hazards at Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

Patrick Manzoni, M.S. (2012) - Slope stability analysis of the Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala, using limit equilibrium and finite element method (coadvised with Prof. Alessandro Tibaldi)

Past Under-graduate Students

Erica Anderson - DeVlieg Fellow: 2016-2017

Valeria Suarez Bolivar - Pavlis Young Investigator Fellow: 2016-2017

Denada Planaj - Pavlis Young Investigator Fellow: 2016-2017

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