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History, Biography and Miscellaneous

Topic History/Biography Miscellaneous
Electric Charge
Electric Fields
Charles Augustin de Coulomb
Benjamin Franklin
Franklin's Kite
Discovery of the Electron
Lightning Photography
Lightning Strike
Theater of Electricity: Van de Graaff Generator
Electric Flux
Gauss's Law
Karl Friedrich Gauss .
Electric Potential Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities .
Capacitance Michael Faraday I .
Current and Resistance George Ohm Glowing Pickle
DC Circuits Gustav Robert Kirchhoff .
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Forces
William Gilberts Keeweenaw Aurora Image Page
B-field Sources Andre-Marie Ampere
Jean-Baptiste Biot
Felix Savart
Faraday's Law Michael Faraday II .
Inductance Joseph Henry .
AC Circuits Nikola Tesla
Power Struggles: AC vs DC (application)
Maxwell's Equations
Electromagnetic Waves
James Clerk Maxwell I
James Clerk Maxwell II
Heinrich Hertz
Telecommunications: Early History (application)
Reflection and Refraction Christiaan Huygens
Willebrord Snell
Geometric Optics . .