Michigan Technological University




                    Design Automation Group






Graduate Courses


EE5900 VLSI modeling and simulation (Fall 2009)

EE5900 Advanced IC Modeling & Analysis (Spring 2011)

EE5970 Computer Engineering Seminar (Spring 2011)

EE5900 Parallel VLSI CAD Algorithms (Spring 2012)

EE5970 Computer Engineering Seminar (Spring 2012)

EE5900 Advanced Computational Methods for VLSI Systems (Spring 2013)

EE5780 Advanced VLSI CAD (Spring 2015)

EE5780 Advanced VLSI CAD (Spring 2016)

EE5900 Advanced Computational Methods in Computer Engineering (Spring 2017)

EE5496 GPU and Multicore Programming (Fall 2017)



Undergraduate Courses


EE4800 Computer aided design of VLSI systems (Spring 2010)

EE4800 CMOS Digital IC Design & Analysis (Fall 2010)

EE4800 CMOS Digital IC Design & Analysis (Fall 2011)

EE3173 Hardware/Software System Integration (Fall 2012)

EE2112 Electric Circuits II (Spring 2014)

EE4271 VLSI Design (Fall 2014)

EE4271 VLSI Design (Fall 2015)







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