Huron Creek Watershed Management Plan





The Huron Creek Watershed Management Plan was approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on July 31, 2009. 


Links to the full and each chapter of the Plan are given below.


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You can access the Plan either as a complete document (~ 16 MB):


Watershed Management Plan (pdf) 


or chapter by chapter:


Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Appendices (pdf)


Chapter 1- Executive Summary (pdf)


Chapter 2 - Description of the Huron Creek Watershed (pdf)


Chapter 3 - Key Players & Public Participation in Plan Development (pdf)


Chapter 4 - Designated Uses and Water Quality Summary (pdf)


Chapter 5 - Summaries of Studies and Data Collection (pdf)


Chapter 6 - Priority Pollutants and Critical Areas (pdf)


Chapter 7 - Watershed Objectives and Recommended Actions (pdf)


Chapter 8 - Information and Education (l/E) Strategy (pdf)


Chapter 9 - Watershed Management Plan Evaluation Strategy (pdf)


Chapter 10 - Bibliography (pdf)





Appendix A - Watershed Management Plan Grant Proposal


Appendix B - Water Quality Monitoring Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)


Appendix C - Relative Percent Differences for Duplicate Water Quality Samples


Appendix D - Huron Creek Watershed 2005 Land Use Map


Appendix E - Huron Creek Watershed Stormwater Modeling Analysis


Appendix F - Road Crossing Survey


Appendix G - Storm Drain and Ditch Surveys


Appendix H - Property Ownership Survey


Appendix I - Geomorphology Survey Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)


Appendix J - Geomorphology Survey Report


Appendix K - Vegetation Survey Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)


Appendix L - Vegetation Transect Survey Results


Appendix M - MDEQ Water Quality and Seep Analysis Reports


Appendix N - Thornthwaite Water Budget for the Huron Creek Watershed


Appendix 0 - Estimated Costs for Huron Creek Watershed Recommended Actions


Appendix P - Designs, Information and Grant Application for Kestner Waterfront Park Improvements


Appendix Q - Invasive Species Management Guidance Documents


Appendix R - Draft Stormwater Management Ordinance


Appendix S - I/E Event Articles, Flyers and Photos


Appendix T - Huron Creek Watershed Management Plan Evaluation Form


Appendix U - Comments Resulting from the June 2008 Public Comment Period







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