Welcome to Güney Research Group

As someone has said before "When I know what I am doing, it is applied physics; and when I don't it is pure." Our research emphasis is pure and applied science of light. We are interested in wherever light takes us. Sometimes we come across magical materials, become invisible, or even solve the hardest problems of mathematics.

Please visit our projects to see what we are up to in these days: metamaterials, plasmonics, solar cells, ultra-high resolution imaging, photonic crystals, quantum computing and communications, relativistic quantum theory, phononic crystals, cryptography, biometrics, and microelectromechanical systems. Do not feel they are highly diverse. Actually, they are not, if you in particular notice that the study of light is a key ingredient in most of these projects. All right, in some projects (e.g., acoustics) light is only vaguely relevant but physics is more or less the same; and sometimes we might have gone too far into applications.