University Slogans/Taglines

Here at Albright College, which is a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, we have been using Think Albright. One version for the traditional programs is Think Big. Think Small. Think Albright. A global perspective. A personal environment. This goes along with a photo of the world from space and a cozy campus shot.

And for our adult accelerated programs it's "Think Fast. Think Albright."

Barbara Marshall
Director of College Relations
Albright College

Always thinking is the slogan of the University of Illinois.

Here at Lewis & Clark College, ours is simply: Explore Lewis & Clark.

My favorite is from Southern Cal (my alma mater):
USC. The university for the 21st century. A good place to be if you're going that way.

Kari Chisholm
Creative Director for New Media
Lewis & Clark College

Just for use on this campus as Washington State University Spokane, we recently coined this:
Discover. Engage. Achieve.
Washington State University as a whole had been using Taking You Anywhere You Want to Go but that has been dropped.
Another tagline is being tested. We developed this for interim use as not precisely a slogan, but copy that we use to build around for publication and ad themes (maybe I'm splitting hairs). It's meant to capture the research mission with "Discover," the land-grant mission with "Engage," and the student outcome with "Achieve."

This has not been focus-grouped, paid for, or otherwise run through the usual slogan-generating mill. This is the product of our Enrollment Management Team brainstorming, building on a market positioning statement, to come up with a "backbone" to tie together our product-specific ads for individual programs. We've used it in the catalog that's at the press right now so that Discover falls on the first spread that tells about the campus--hence, discovering us. Engage falls on the spread that describes admissions etc., so it's sort of "engaging" with us. Achieve is just the next spread (couldn't quite make room in my page count for profiles of successful alumni, but that would have been my dream to really follow through on the concept).

Barb Chamberlain
Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
Ours is: Real education for the real world. And, seeing we are in Quebec, we also have a french version: On vous prepare pour le monde (which is NOT a literal translation of the English...what it says is: We prepare you for the world.) We've been using this slogan for just over 11 years. Research, over the years -- and not all anecdotal -- has shown that the slogan (both french and english) is readily associated with Concordia University in Montreal. Retention is very high. We're often asked by our own staff and faculty when we plan on changing it. But why change something that works?

University ofSouth Florida
Ours is, very simply, Discover USF.
It's been used the past five years because, since we opened our doors in 1960, we have one of the larger enrollments in the country. Some of the powers-that-be wanted a slogan that would not only work for prospective students, but also potential corporate donors (despite our staff's request to target messages, not blend them for vastly different audiences). We then came up with Discover USF, which is being used for both enrollment and image ads as a consequence. We did focus groups earlier this year to see if the message should be changed, but there was not overwhelming enough feedback to do so.
Dan Casseday, Director of Marketing University of South Florida

Michigan Tech
Ours is Think more. Learn more. Be more.
Our advertising agency, Russel & Herder, did a survey of some 60 college-bound students, and this was the winner.

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