Name:Ibrahim Miskioglu

Rank: Associate Professor

Highest Degree: Ph.D., Iowa State University

Key words of Expertise:Engineering Mechanics, Experimental Stress Analysis

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Current/recent research projects:

Application of photomechanics integrated with digital image processing to the solve fundamental problems in areas of thermal and isothermal stress analysis. This experimental method is also combined with finite element methods to better resolve the stress fields near crack tips in homogeneous and bi-material systems.

Development of a distributed fiber optic strain sensor which has the potential of spatially resolving the strain field with a single optical fiber.

Fatigue characterization of solders for applications in the reliability of electronic packages.

Failure studies of random fiber composites with applications to structural problems.

Selected Publications

1) I. Miskioglu, C.R. Vilmann, J.S. Pawloski and D.M. Pariseau, "A Photoelastic and FEM Analysis of Interfacial Crack Propagation", Experimental Mechanics, Vol. 31, No. 2, pp 135-139 (1991).

2) J.W. Church, I. Miskioglu and C.R. Vilmann, "A Hybrid HFP-FEM Technique Applied to Fracture Mechanics," in Proc. 1993 SEM 50th Anniversary Spring Conference on Experimental Mechanics, June 7-9, 1993, Dearborn, MI, pp. 769-775.

3) N.T. Younis, I. Miskioglu and S.E. Egleston, "A Simple Calibration Method for Determining KI Using the Method of Caustics," Optical Engineering, Vol. 33, No. 9, pp. 2964-2971 (1994).