Graphite: Valentine Mine
(#4 Quarry, Gouverneur Talc Company)

Harrisville, Lewis County, New York

1.7mm graphite crystal with a {11-21} twin
and surface steps, on blue calcite.
John A. Jaszczak collection #1491c and photo.

1.2mm graphite crystal showing growth spirals.
Etched from gray-white calcite.
Note that the step edges are rotated 30 degress
from the prism/pinacoid face edges.
Click here
to compare with other graphite spirals.
John A. Jaszczak collection #1744a and photo.

0.2mm graphite sphere with wollastonite,
etched from gray-white calcite.
John A. Jaszczak collection #1743a and photo.

Dr. R. Peter Richards is greatfully acknowledged for supplying bulk material from which these specimens were obtained.


GERDES, M. L. and VALLEY, J. W. (1994) Fluid flow and mass transport at the Valentine wollastonite deposit, Adirondack Mountains, New York State. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 12, 589-608.

CHAMBERLAIN, S. C., KING, V. T., COOKE, D., ROBINSON, G. W. and HOLT, W. (1999) Minerals of the Gouverneur Talc Company #4 Quarry (Valentine deposit), Town of Diana, Lewis County, New York. Rocks and Minerals 74, 236-249.

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