Graphite Cones and Spheres from Gooderham, Ontario, Canada

For more details see:
"Naturally occurring graphite cones"
J. A. Jaszczak, G. W. Robinson, S. Dimovski and Y. Gogotsi,
Carbon 41 2085-2092 (2003).
(Preprint version is available here.)

Optical image of lustrous graphite cones on the surface
of a spheroidal graphite aggregate partially dissolved from calcite.
The cones are up to 50 microns long.

Spheroidal graphite grain, partly enclosed in calcite,
with "velvety" surface and pronounced "girdles" which
are correlated to calcite grain boundaries.
(Calcite partly etched away with HCl.)

Close up of the graphite spheroid
surface showing larger cones with an
approximately 39 degree apex angle and
smaller cones with approximately
60 degree apex agles.

Edge of a girdle shown emerging
from a calcite grain boundary.

Similar specimen with a broken
cone showing internal concentric layers.

Graphite spheroid on the same sample.

Close up of graphite spheroid showing
"egg shell" surface texture.

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