Radiating Graphite in the Kola Peninsula, Russia

Hakman Valley, Mt. Yukspor, Khibiny Massif

Graphite with a very unusual hollow fibrous, conical and tubular morphologies occurs as cavity coatings and in spherical aggregates in an alkaline pegmatite in the Hackman valley, Mt. Yukspor, Khibiny Massif, Kola Peninsual, Russia. Associated minerals include aegirine needles, apatite crystals, albite, nepheline, natrolite crystals.

Fibrous, radiating aggregates of graphite,
(to 7 mm diameter) in pegmatite.
J.A. Jaszczak collection and photo.

Fibers are composed of hollow channels
of graphite, with walls of layered graphite
crystals. Tiny graphite cones and tubes are associated.
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
(FESEM) image.
Aegirine in vuggy areas may be covered
richly with micro- to nano-scale cones and tubes
of graphite, as revealed in this FESEM image.


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