PH2010 Sophomore Seminar

Fall 2008


Instructor: John Jaszczak, Professor

            Department of Physics

            102 Fisher Hall




Course Description:

In this seminar, students will present and discuss areas of physics of their choice. Discussion of recent research and developments in physics and/or of critical/controversial society/science issues are encouraged. Students will prepare, either alone or as a team, a topic of their interest and present it as a seminar to the class. Any form or medium of presentation, i.e., blackboard, overhead, PowerPoint, computer, web, etc., is encouraged. The course instructor(s) will facilitate and encourage questions and act as resource person(s) in the preparation.

Collaborations within teams of two or three partners for a presentation are encouraged. Wherever possible, students are encouraged to present and discuss the physics of the topic in terms of fundamental and even elementary physics principles.


Course Materials: access to computer presentation software such as PowerPoint


Course Components and Grade: based on attendance, filling out a “Most Memorable Point” sheet each class, participation in class discussion, and making one in-class presentation. The in-class presentation should be emailed to the instructor by the end of the day of presentation in order to be posted on the class Blackboard site. The presentation’s last page must include a bibliography that includes at least two relevant journal-article references (These may be available on the web but should not themselves be simply web sites). Please notify me in advance by email if you need to miss class.

            In-class presentation, file and bibliography:   40%

            Attendance & Most Memorable Points:         55%

            In-class participation:                                      5%


University Policies: Policies regarding Academic Integrity, Equal Opportunity, and the Americans with Disabilities Act may be found in the Student Handbook, and online at