Project RIM: novel eigensolvers for (non-Hermitian) matrices

Current Version: RIMCv0.m

RIM is a general eigensolver for computing all eigenvalues in a region on the complex plane. The method tests if a region contains eigenvalues using an indicator, which is based on approximate spectral projection. Regions that contain eigenvalues are subdivided and tested until eigenvalues are isolated with a specified precision. It needs no a priori spectral information and overcomes some difficulties of existing methods. RIM is highly parallel and scalable.

Usage: lambda=RIMCv0(A,B,s)
The code computes generalized eigenvalues of
Ax = lambda Bx
in a rectangle s on the complex plane.
A -- N x N matrix
B -- N x N matrix
s -- 4 x 1 vector [xmin ymin xmax ymax]
Output: lambda -- generalized eigenvalues in s
Jiguang Sun, 05/09/2017,
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Copyright (c) 2017, Jiguang Sun, all rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, for academic purpose only are permitted.

Test Matrices:


In Matlab, load the matrices and run "E=RIMCv0(A,B,[1;-2;5;2])"


In Matlab, load the matrices and run "E=RIMCv0(A,B,[18;-6;30;6])"


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Last updated on May 2017.