IMA PI Graduate Student Conference on FEM for Eigenvalue Problems

Aug. 10-14, 2016 Michigan Technological University

Eigenvalue problems arise in many scientific and engineering applications. Finite element methods (FEM) have successfully been applied to eigenvalues of partial differential equations across disparate fields, due to their ability to handle complex structures and rigorous underlying theoretical framework.

The program aims to mix leading researchers and local faculty in computational mathematics together to infuse graduate students with the fundamentals of finite element methods and cutting-edge PDE and matrix eigenvalue problems. The students will be trained to set up and solve classical PDE eigenvalue problems, to understand convergence theory, and to grasp modern techniques for large sparse non-Hermitian matrix eigenvalue problems. The lectures are arranged so that students will obtain a complete picture of how finite element methods can be used to solve eigenvalue problems: from the theory to implementation, from classical results to active research topics.


Aug. 10:

Fundamentals on FEM for Eigenvalue Problems

Laplace Eigenvalue Problems


Dr. Mark Gockenbach

Michigan Technological University

Aug. 11-12:

Large Scale Matrix Eigenvalue Problems

Non-Hermitian Eigenvalue Solvers

Arnoldi Method

Dr. Rich Lehoucq

Sandia National Laboratories

Aug. 13-14:

Maxwell's Eigenvalue Pproblems

Mixed Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Problems

Advanced Topics for Eigenvalue Problems

Dr. Daniele Boffi

Università di Pavia, Italy

Organizing Committee:

Mark Gockenbach, Michigan Technological University

Benjamin Ong, Michigan Technological University

Allan Struthers, Michigan Technological University

Jiguang Sun, Michigan Technological University

The IMA is an NSF Funded Institute.

This conference is supported in part by the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) through its Participating Institution (PI) Program. PI members may use IMA/PI funds to support personnel's travel to this conference.