The Second Annual Kliakhandler Conference

International Conference on Comp. Math. and Inverse Problems

Aug. 15-19, 2016. On occasion of the 60th birthday of Prof. Peter Monk

The International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Inverse Problems intends to bring leading researchers to discuss the recent developments on numerical analysis, scientific computing, and inverse problems. The topics of the conference include finite element methods for eigenvalue problems, finite element methods for Maxwell's equation, computational inverse problems, inverse scattering problems. The conference seeks to build collaboration among the participants, in particular, the young researchers within five years of graduation.

Peter Monk received his B.A. degree from Cambridge University, U.K., in 1978 and Ph.D. degree from Rutgers University, USA in 1983. Since 1982 he has been a faculty member in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware in the USA. He was appointed Unidel Professor in 2000.

His research interests include finite element methods for the Maxwell's equations and inverse electromagnetic scattering. He is the author of roughly 130 papers and a book on ``Finite Element Methods for Maxwell’s Equations’’.

Invited Speakers:

Bacuta, Constantin

Boffi, Daniele

Boubendir, Yassine

Cakoni, Fioralba

Colton, David

Coyle, Joseph

Cui, Jintao

Darrigrand, Eric

Demkowicz, Leszek

Gockenbach, Mark

Griesmaier, Roland

Guo, Yukun

Falk, Richard

Huttunen, Tomi

Hyvonen, Nuutti

Kirsch, Andreas

Kleefeld, Andreas

Labovsky, Alexander

Lehoucq, Richard

Li, Hengguang

Li, Jichun

Li, Peijun

Li, Xiaosheng

Liu, Jijun

Liu, Xiaodong

Luostari, Teemu

Meng, Shixu

Mu, Lin

Muniz, Wagner

Nigam, Nilima

Ong, Benjamin

Qu, Fenglong

Ren, Kui

Rossi, Louis

Sayas, Francisco-Javier

Selgas, Virginia

Wang, Junping

Jiaqing, Yang

Yang, Yang

Zhang, Haiwen

Zheng, Chunxiong

Zheng, Weiying

Zou, Jun

Organizing Committee:

Bacuta, Constantin

Cakoni, Fioralba

Haddar, Houssem

Sun, Jiguang

University of Delaware

Rutgers University

CMAP Ecole Polytechnique

Michigan Technological University

Supported by:

Kliakhandler Fellowship