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FALL 2006


The BURRO update is here




The Spring 2006 syllabus is here . The class roster is here

Homework #1: Due 01/18/06. The possible vehicle requirements can be downloaded from here . At the end of the list please add five additional requirements (and rank them). Teams are listed here

Minor project teams are listed here

Homework #1 answers are here . Use these answers for homework #2, which is due 01/24/06 by email to J. Keith and K. Koers. You are to work in the following team as listed are listed here. The assignment: create a .ppt presentation with one page for each vehicle requirement assigned to you (There are seven requirements per team, listed in the left column of the homework one answers.) List the requirement, and give its ranking as either: critical, very important, somewhat important, desirable. Justify your answer in the rest of the powerpoint slide. Think about what your team said, what everyone in AFG said, and what Chris Green said. The .ppt format will be posted later.

Answers for hwk #2 are listed here for team A, team B, team C, team D, team E, and team F.


For homework #3, due 02/01/06 by email to J. Keith and K. Koers, you are to work in new teams as listed here. Based upon the results from homework 1 and the presentations for homework 2, work in your teams to create a “top ten list” of requirements that you think a prototype BURRO that we are going to design should have. You should email an excel file so they can be easily sorted by us. Your answers are listed here.


Homework #4 is the architecture reading assignment. Go see JMK for a copy.


On 2/15/06 there were three presentations. The presentation on AFG/KRC/ARL overview is here. The project timeline is here. The talk on vehicle architectures is here.


On 2/15/06 the term project was assigned. The assignment is here. The teams are listed here.


On 2/22/06 there was a presentation about proposal writing tips, linked here. 


On 3/29/06 there was a presentation about the term project, linked here.  The polarization plot for the Nexa fuel cell is linked here.


FALL 2005


The Fall 2005 syllabus is here

Geoff Gwaltney’s MULE presentation is here

Jason Keith’s design presentation is here

The homework assignment due 9/7/2005 is here

Chris Green talk on homework 1 solutions is here

The homework assignment for 9/28/05 is here

Chris Green’s talk on homework 2 solutions is here

The homework assignment for 10/12/05 is here

SOFC specs are here

Solutions are here and Jason Keith’s results are here. Note JMK’s solutions are not necessarily scalable.

Powerpoint slides from 10/02 mtg with ARL is here and here

The homework assignment for 10/26/05 is here

Solutions are here

The homework assignment for 11/02/05 is here

UGV homeworks are here

The Complete UGV Database (based upon homeworks above) is here as a 2.6 MB pdf file.

Presentation to ARL phone conference on 12/01/05: part 1 is here (edited to remove proprietary information) and part 2 is here

Vehicle options presented by Chris Green to AFG on 12/07/05 are here